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Choose smart. Go for the blue hearts.

Not all health care providers are the same. When picking one, you want to make a smart, informed choice, right?

We’ve got a new tool to help you do that—UMR’s Premium Designation Program.

What is the Premium Designation Program?

This program is a great (free) way to encourage positive consumer health care choices. UMR/UHC evaluates eligible providers against specific medical guidelines to determine if they meet quality and cost-effectiveness standards under the program. By selecting a premium care physician, you are likely to receive better and more cost-effective care.

How do I know if my provider is a Premium Care physician?

There are several possible premium designations. They’re intuitively named and explained, and it’s pretty easy to distinguish one from another. Take a glance at the guide below, and remember to look for the blue hearts.

Ready to find a Premium Care physician?

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Choose smart. Go for the blue hearts!